Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to make decent money with Google Adsense

In this article we’ll take a closer look at Google Adsense and offer some simple techniques that will enable you to make some decent money online. You may already be using Google Adsense, but be unsatisfied with the amount of money that the program is generating, or rather the lack thereof. That is about to change, provided you follow the basic steps outlined in this article. However before we start guiding you through the process, let’s explain what Google Adsense is and why you should start using it.
Google Adsense is a free program made by Google that allows anyone to display Google ads on their web pages. The scheme operates on a click by click basis, meaning that the more ads visitors click on the more money the owners of these websites will receive from Google. Once a predetermined threshold has been reached, Google will issue a check or make a direct deposit into the bank account of the registered owner of the website in question.

If you are looking for ways to make money online, but don’t have a product to sell or services to offer Google Adsense is a brilliant alternative, as it basically is money for nothing, or at least, money for very little effort.  All that is required of you is to enter a basic html code into the script of your website, sit back and watch the money start rolling in. Google will take care of everything else.

So how do you go about earning decent money with Google Adsense, and realistically how much money can you expect to make?
The best strategy if you are focusing solely on written content is to write as many articles as possible, covering a broad range of subjects, and then publish these articles on blogs specifically created for this purpose. However, instead of publishing everything on a single blog, which most people tend to do; you publish your material on individual blogs, limiting the content to only one article per blog. This basically means that you are creating a multitude of websites with very specific content, which will give your website a higher Google ranking than an ordinary blog that contains multiple articles. Giving the blog a name that reflects the overall content of the site will further enhance your ranking. Also remember to include links to other blogs in your network, which will enable traffic to flow effortlessly between these sites.

As a Google user you don’t have to pay a single cent to set up your own blog. You are also able to create as many blogs as you like through the Blogger affiliate, which is run and owned by Google. Only the number of articles that you are physically capable of writing will restrict the amount of sites that you can create. When it comes to making money online your ultimate goal should always be to have your websites feature on the front page of Google whenever certain keywords are entered into its search engine. Google’s online dominance means that people tend to rely heavily on it for internet searches, and subsequently any website that ranks high on its search pages will receive substantial internet traffic. Do also keep in mind that a steady flow of traffic is a prerequisite if you want to earn decent money from Google Adsense.
How much money you can realistically expect to make obviously comes down to how many readers you can attract to your sites, and how many ads these readers are going to click on, which invariably leads us to the next question; what topics you should write about. In theory you can write about anything, but there are certain subjects that will generate more interest than others. It is also worth remembering that most people use the internet to be entertained or to obtain free information, so covering topics that fall into these categories will give you the best results. People will never tire of reading articles that will make them laugh, or that are going to get them in a good mood.

Chances are that if you write an article that proclaims to contain fifty of Barack Obama’s most hilarious quotes, you’ll receive more hits than an article proclaiming to have successfully dissected Sigmund Freud’s theory on psychoanalysis. Bear in mind though, that any educational articles you produce should contain detailed and high quality information and ideally information that isn’t easily available anywhere else on the internet. Hence, it’s crucial that you put some effort into these. It is also important to intersperse popular keywords into your articles in order to ensure a steady flow of traffic to your sites.
Some may argue that Google is greedy for taking the majority of the money generated by programs such as Adsense, and that website owners who display their ads are left only with peanuts. But that is an unfair accusation in my opinion. Google is after all offering all the ingredients that enable website owners to make a decent online income, and Google does provide them with this opportunity without charging a single penny.

If you’re a serious writer or you simply enjoy writing Google Adsense is a perfect way to generate a secondary income. A static page with interesting or humorous content doesn’t require any additional work, only some initial marketing, which basically means that an article that you may only have spent a few hours on, could potentially earn you thousands of dollars. Even if your sites only generate a dollar a day, that’s still 365 dollars a year, and that is 365 dollars that you didn’t have when you created your blog.

One last thing that needs to be mentioned is that in order for your site to gain consistent and decent traffic you will have to promote it, at least initially. Also beware that it could take some time before it starts generating respectable traffic. If you already have a blog/website you could use this as a ”launching platform” for your other blogs. Another effective way to create publicity for your sites is to leave short comments on other bigger websites, provided of course that these comments contain relevant information about the subject at hand. Include a link to your sites, which is a sure way to generate more traffic.
So get on with it and start earning some money online!